Our main business is the financial and tax consulting. However, we do not restrict ourselves only to these areas and provide one of the widest range of services including legal and consulting firms.


We suggest placing your product in major shopping federal networks, as well as in retail networks of regional significance in the partnership terms. We offer you the concept of integrated services and specific assistance for the preparation and early work with leading federal networks, such as Auchan, Crossroads, Dixie, 7 Continent and many others.


Tax law, tax consultancy (advice on tax matters), assessment of tax risks. Legal advice on the application of tax legislation. Representation by lawyers in the interests of the taxpayer’s tax authorities. Legal advice on taxes.

International law and financial administration of foreign companies consulting in international law, legal support creation of companies in foreign jurisdictions. Financial consulting. Legal support. Comprehensive customer support, starting with tax planning and incorporation of the company, ending the legal and financial support at all stages of its activities.

Legal services in real estate. Full range of legal services in support of investment projects and real estate transactions.

Accounting Services of Organizations, restoration and maintenance of accounting and tax accounting. Payroll. Opening and closing of accounts in foreign banks.

Comprehensive support for the company. Comprehensive support for companies. Accounting service, a full range of legal and personnel support.